Arriving in Kraljevo Sutjeska you feel that you have sailed through time and returned to the past.

There are well maintained houses, beautiful gardens and steady sunshine in a clear stream. It is nice to see many women here, especially one old woman, and still wearing traditional clothes. People here already have farming, but there are also some carpenters and blacksmiths who lead the works and sell their handicrafts. In this village is the iDusper House, which is the oldest house in central Bosnia, dating back to the early 18th century. The house is a national monument and is under the protection of a state. The house is open to the public and is an outstanding example of authentic Bosnian architecture. At the entrance to the village is one of the oldest mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built for only a few days and after that it was never repaired or maintained – at least, so says the surrender. The mosque and its wooden minaret are open to visitors. Enjoy the descriptions of the past of these mosques as you are proudly and brilliantly told by the curator of this place of worship.

King Sutjeska and Fort Bobovac dry seat of two Bosnian kings of the Kotromanić dynasty, Tomaš and Tvrtko. For the last Bosnian queen, the world Katarina, still mourns here, today, as a sign of mourning in her traditional costumes, the woman covers her head with a black scarf. When the Ottomans conquered the Bobovac fortress, Katarina either escaped or was exiled to Rome and never saw Bosnia again. It is recorded that her children were taken to Istanbul, where her sin was converted to Islam and he became a significant person.


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