Almost 1500 meters above sea level is the highest and most isolated village in the whole country. The village of Lukomir is unique for its stone houses covered with cherry wood shingles. It is impossible to reach the village, except on skis or on foot already with the arrival of the first snow in December, until sometime in April and sometimes longer.

The recently built mountain hut is now fully ready to accommodate guests. From here, one can hike along a cliff above the Rakitnica River Canyon, some 800 meters below Lukomir. Lukomir is known for its traditional clothing, and today women still wear knit garments that were worn several centuries ago. One of the versions of the history of present-day Lukomir has much evidence that the population origins are from Podvelezje in Herzegovina. Due to lack of water, these semi-nomadic tribes migrated to Bjelasnica during the summer months. The dry plateau above Mostar did not provide enough plants during the summer months for these livestock tribes to survive. For reasons not fully known, many of the inhabitants of Podvelezje settled permanently in the canyon, and some time later at the place where Lukomir is today.


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